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Title: Comparison of JSPUI and XMLUI Dspace interfaces: Users opinion
Authors: Karki, Rushma
Advisor(s): Nyaichyai, Lila
Citation: Karki, Rushma(2022).Comparison of JSPUI and XMLUI Dspace interfaces: Users opinion[Master's thesis,Tribhuvan University ].TUCDLIS elibrary.https://elibrary
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2022
Publisher: Central Department of Library and Information Science
Keywords: . Digital Libraries Software
Abstract: DSpace user interface establishes first hand communication with the users of digital library built in DSpace library software. There are two kinds of user interface in DSpace. One is built upon JSPUI and another is on XMLUI. Though both user interfaces are supported equally by the DSpace developers and Users as well. It is worth to examine the mostly used user interface in DSpace repositories used by various libraries in Nepal and other countries. In the context of Nepal, fewer studies have done about the library software. So this study try to explore and evaluate each feature available in the DSpace so that librarians and users could have formulate a standard to decide which user interface particularly be used and could state the reasonable causes behind. The comparative study of JSPUI and XMLUI has concluded that both user interface be better fits as per the requirement of the library. The purpose of this research had exploring the better DSpace interface used in libraries and user friendly DSpace user interfaces. This study has employed both quantitative research methods, and comparative research design. According to the findings, end users had nearly similar opinions about both UIs. The study concluded that both UIs are equally user-friendly, with some users preferring JSPUI and others preferring XMLUI. Both UIs are superior and user-friendly in their own way
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