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Title: Library automation in Chitwan
Authors: Prasad Gautam, Shiva
Citation: Prasad Gautam,Shiva (2014).Library automation in Chitwan.[Master's Thesis.Tribhuvan University ] .TUCDLIS elibrary.https:// elibrary /
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: Central Department of library and information science
Keywords: Library Automation
Digital Preservation
Abstract: _ . :. ..LIBIL{Ry AUTO}|ATION IN CHIT\\AN, shows rhc sLarus - .r iibrafies of Clhit\var1 Th -: ::.:-: :r.r the infias,-ar,,.. uurilut' bjectives ofrhe research are. to )ilit), to identil], Lhc statlls ofautorretion - -.s - ro lud out the problems and th€ barrjers of the automation of the : _-:' :s of Chir$an For this pur?ose, pu4)osivejy 6 llbraries of Chit\tan -| lhe research is based on printarv data usilg quesrionnaire Data -:: reen anahzcd end presenied witb tbe rabtes and ple charts Diltercnl22 _:: tnrentattonal literafures have been revieweo ourtng studv r.i: JoLrnd thaL most of the libraries havc alrlomatecl the Iibtat, sa\e the , ' ..; .:,;,::JT:,::i:ff:,-,he space prob,em and ro provide rhc . r.rarr rvhere as teu Jibraries u,a o"tn u''nt Ltbra software tbr auromation ' - no\\erer one ribrary n,, ","0 *,Tullirli"l': H;::T'::::"T: , :ur lnliasrructure for autontation w -:,na!e'ar probrcms. att rhc,uraries th have becn lacing fina'ciar. technical - 11 \\here as onr1, 2 ribrarlcs nuu. u.",tuut uutot"ted the cataloguing area ofthe r,..res have Lrsed it fbr acqutsitionr. o,r'"utorut'ou in circuration as uelr. but no ::e fts orher ribraries is run ". *,,, *,;"::'r',:il?',lJ iliJ_"i^lilJirl .rrted strong aspcc.s of the library aut( ! eas] !o use ho\,!e'er trrey cra;me.: rhe a' lon arc user hrendlincss' tirnc seving rlromatton soft$,are lack ILS facllittes an.l .r:ne rrbrarres craimed the sofl[,are is r'-s tacl]rttes and ,:.{11e Most ofthe ribr:aries.u**",,"0,tto'nt'u" and the software is diircurt ro :.drng rLS fearures like acquisition, "u,n,totou'n* the facilitics oi the sofi*arc h1 :r5o provrde the users s"*,." uno nronr,no'.?tng' ctrculation' serial rnanagcment and ic it is recommended that tbr flLll fledge auLomation ofthe libranes the infrastnrcturcs mLrst be developed as well as skiiled ma lupport must be jncreased. As \\,eir u, ,r.'n oot""t and dre financlal aucl nlanagerial rhe riblary users
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