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Title: Automation in medical college libraries of Biratnagar
Authors: Rai, Urmila
Citation: Rai ,Urmila (2023).Automation in medical college libraries of Biratnagar.[Master's Thesis,Tribhuvan University].TUCDLIS elibrary.
Issue Date: 22-Dec-2023
Publisher: Central Department of library and information science
Keywords: 1. Libraries-Automation
2. Medical Libraries
Abstract: This thesis entitled “Automation in Medical College Libraries of Biratnagar" investigated the status of library automation in the medical college libraries of Biratnagar. Medical college libraries and even non-medical libraries of Kathmandu valley are working for establishing fully automated libraries, while, in Metropolitan municipality Biratnagar the work of library automation is not much focused. Therefore, this research has been done with the main objective of exploring the current status of automation in the Medical College libraries of Biratnagar as well as the obstacles faced for adopting automation. Users of medical libraries are engaged in professions related to human health and require information without delay. Incorrect or late information can have a major adverse effect on their work. There is a need for full library automation to support the day-to-day research and educational activities being conducted in medical colleges. For this study, many national and international researches, studies, articles, journals, online program etc. were reviewed. In this research, primary data was collected through observation and interview methods. The collected data was analyzed through the qualitative method. Analysis of data revealed that there is mainly lack of public awareness regarding library automation, poor selection of software, lack of skilled manpower, financial problems, and less administrative support. Therefore, researcher recommend that the libraries of all medical colleges in Biratnagar need to use fully automated software and assist the administration in appointing professional librarians. Keywords: Libraries-Automation, Medical Libraries
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