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Title: Assessing the Effectiveness of Book Bank Services in Selected College Libraries
Authors: Acharya, Sarita
Citation: Acharya ,Sarita (2023) .Assessing the Effectiveness of Book Bank Services in Selected College Libraries.[Master's Thesis, Tribhuvan University ].TUCDLIS elibrary.https;// /
Issue Date: Oct-2023
Publisher: Central Department of library and information science
Keywords: 1.Textbooks
Academic Library
Abstract: The study examines “Assessing the Effectiveness of Book Bank Services in Selected Engineering College Libraries: A Study” focuses the three different Pokhara University affiliated colleges of Lalitpur. This study aimed to explore the availability of circulation services in selected college libraries, effectiveness of Book Bank services for textbook distribution as well as finding out the obstacles and suggestion for effectively running the services in selected engineering college library. There is a scarcity of existing literature on the topic in Nepal. Limited literature review for study the subject. Altogether 30 literature review were carried out for this research. Quantitative research method was employed and using structural questionnaires to gather the data. 143 questionnaires were distributed to the student purposively who were visited in their college library from December1st to 15th, 2022, receiving133 responses. Collected data were tabulated for frequency analysis and presented in percentage. All three selected college libraries were applied Book bank service for textbook distribution. The findings revealed that 82.71 % of the participants were visited the library to borrow the textbooks, expressing satisfaction with the book bank services that was helped alleviate their financial burden for purchasing books and save time. Most of the respondents’ male students (60%) from the civil faculties (56.4%). Additionally, 81% of the participants were confirmed the availability of updated documents, 37.59% participants were faced overcrowding during the beginning of the academic session due to the in lack of space.58.65% participants were stated that they do not have about chosen subject. NCIT and CCMT college library offered open access for student but not UESC college library. The recommendations include providing the sufficient space for textbook distribution. Ensuring the availability of updated and relevant subject books, provide open access for choosing the necessary document and considering the perspectives of librarians and faculties for comprehensive understanding of the book bank services’ effectiveness. Keywords: Effectiveness, Book Bank services, Academic session
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