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Title: Content analysis of parliament library websites of SAARC countries
Authors: Yasmin, Farhana
Citation: Yasmin ,Farhana (2023).Content analysis of parliament library websites of SAARC countries [Master's Thesis ,Tribhuvan University] .TUCDLIS elibrary.https://elibrary /
Issue Date: 21-Dec-2023
Publisher: Central Department of library and information science
Keywords: Web site
Parliament libraries
Abstract: In this era, ICT plays a vital role in information services. This paper is the study of “Content Analysis of Parliament Library Websites of SAARC Countries”. This research paper introduces the details about content-analysis of Parliament Library Websites across SAARC member nations. This paper also considered as a pilot study of bridging the knowledge gap by evaluating with digitization of Parliament Library Websites of SAARC countries member nations. The present study is concerned with web-based content analysis. The main objectives of this study to analyse & explore the content of Parliament library websites of SAARC countries. The required content information has been collected through searching, browsing & analysing the respected official websites of Parliament library of SAARC during August to December, 2023. To fulfil the objectives of this research study, adopted a manual evaluation method which has covered both qualitative and quantitative evaluation. Qualitative evaluation features covered descriptive information such as Library name, address, Type/Genre, Fax No., Phone No. & E-mail of the library websites, where 65 features were grouped into 9 criteria prepared in quantitative evaluation based on objectives of this study. The prepared 9 criteria covered; general information; web accessibility; navigation; currency, accuracy & relevance; library services; collection; e-resources; web 2.0 application and organization, structure & layout factors. A quantitative 5-points rating scales was executed to provide a numerical rating for each feature and rank them on the bases of numerical facts. The findings of the study has shown that Indian Parliament library website got highest total score of 49 out of 65 points ranked with ‘Very good’, followed by Pakistan library website with 46 points ranked with ‘Very good’, Bangladesh library website with 45 points ranked with also ‘Very good’, Bhutan and Nepal score 43 & 41 with ‘Very good’ ranked. Maldives and Sri Lanka both library websites with 32 points ranked with ‘Good’ only. It helps website developers and librarians to evaluate their websites too. Key word : ICT, SAARC, Content analysis, Parliament library, Parliament library websites
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