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Title: Information seeking behavior of students: A study on ayurveda campus library
Authors: Bist, Kumari Laxmi
Citation: Bist,Kumari Laxmi(2017).Information seeking behavior of students: A study on ayurveda campus library [Master's thesis, Tribhuvan University ].TUCDLIS elibrary.https//elibrary
Issue Date: Mar-2017
Publisher: Central Department of Library and Information Science
Keywords: Information services
Information retrieval
Abstract: The thesis entitled "information seeking behavior of students: A study on Ayurveda Campus Library" has been carried out with the main objectives:- To find out the collection development of the library, To find out of existing information services of library and To identify the users information seeking behavior, needs and demands of library. The study has been focused along with the Library students who visit there for information seeking purpose. Some of these are closely related to the personal characteristics and traits of students, where as some depend on the information centre and the information systems. Therefore, keeping in mind, the present study is carried out from forty respondents of campus out of one hundred fifty students. Related sixteen literatures have been reviewed in the concerned chapter. The study has focused on the Ayurveda Campus Library. Forty students are selected on this research. They have been selected randomly to make the research more uniform and valuable. The researcher has used a set of questionnaires as his basic instruments of research. The majority finding of the study shows average forty seven percentages of users use text and reference books; but half past forty two percentage users are inadequate collection of materials within library. In another hand, average half past thirty seven percentages of users are mostly familiar with circulation service; half past thirty two users used reference service, seventy present users spent one hour per day for information seeking in library. It is noted that all users used the information for to consult reference materials, to improve professional abilities, to update knowledge in the field of study and increase the time spent in library. So that, the volume of these books and documents should be increased, for effective utilization or familiar of the services, library has to organize orientation services to their new members/users, the library timing should be increased and enhancement of the technology and information. Keywords: Information seeking behavior, Ayurveda Campus Library Kumari Laxmi Bis
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