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Title: Users’ Perceptions on the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) Digital Library
Authors: Rai, Arun
Citation: Rai,Arun (2023).Users’ Perceptions on the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) Digital Library.[Master's thesis ,Tribhuvan University ].TUCDLIS elibrary.https:elibrary
Issue Date: May-2023
Publisher: Central Department of Library and Information Science
Keywords: .Digital libraries-CDC
Digital libraries-Research
Abstract: This study entitled “Users’ Perceptions on the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) Digital Library” investigates how users perceive the CDC digital library system. This study investigates the user perception and accessibility of the CDC digital library, focusing on high school teachers in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. The objective of the study is to understand how users perceive the CDC digital library system, assess its level of accessibility and user-friendliness. The research also identifies barriers and obstacles encountered while using the library system. The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) was used in the study to examine user acceptance of the digital library. A questionnaire comprising 20 questions were distributed to 86 high school teachers and head teachers, with a response rate of 95.35%. Descriptive and analytical methods were used to analyze the collected data, including a detailed analytical report on the CDC digital library system from 2015 AD to 2022 AD. The findings indicate a strongly negative perception of perceived ease of use (PEU) and attitude (AT) among digital library users. There is a negative correlation between PEU and AT, suggesting that an increase in ease of use leads to a decrease in negative attitudes toward the digital library. As with the perceived usefulness (PU) and Attitude (AT) relationship, it is moderately negative. A medium negative relationship means that a rise in one variable generates a moderate reduction in the other, and vice versa. However, no significant relationship was found between ease of use and perceived usefulness (PU). The study also highlights the increased usage of the CDC digital library during the COVID-19 lockdown, indicating its usefulness during online classes. The thesis concluded that 91.5% of respondents have a positive perception of the CDC digital library system in terms of usefulness and ease of use. However, a large percentage of respondents (90.2) identified concerns about mobile device accessibility, navigation, and system configuration. The study recommends addressing some relevant issues by upgrading mobile device compatibility, providing notification services, incorporating online user manuals, redesigning the system interface, and ensuring compatibility with current ICT devices. Keywords: digital libraries, users’ acceptance, users’ perception, teachers’ attitude
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