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Title: CDLIS Bulletin
Authors: Nyaichyai, Lila
Manandhar, Nira
Shakya, Lasta
Poudel, Monika
Karki, Rashmita
Maharjan, Chandeshwori
Shrestha, Sabina
Poudel, Pranjali
Citation: CDLIS Bulletin (2010). CDLIS Bulletin. Vol.3 Issue 3. Central Department of Library and Information Science, TU, Kirtipur
Issue Date: Dec-2023
Publisher: Central Department of Library and Information Science, TU
Keywords: Reflections_HoD
Digital library
Internet of things
Artificial intelligence
Information literacy
Computer literacy
Visual literacy
School library
Information professionals
Record managers
Children Library
Prison library
Series/Report no.: 2;3
Abstract: Engaging with students’ written work is truly enriching, echoing their dedication, challenges, and accomplishments. This bulletin serves as a testament to their valuable journey, aiming to chronicle their progress. Additionally, it endeavors to share pertinent information relating to MLISc. subject matter and the practical applications within the realm of library and information science. This edition delves into the historical evolution of the Internet, highlighting how the USA’s security concerns spurred widespread networking, ultimately leading to the creation of the World Wide Web. The tireless dedication of researchers played a pivotal role in shaping the Internet since the 1960s, propelling its rapid evolution. This technological advancement has significantly broadened information services, encompassing various facets of information communication and technology. Furthermore, within Kathmandu, the establishment of children’s libraries, generously funded by a Japanese organization, has been a notable development. Additionally, the depiction of libraries as rehabilitation centers within prisons underscores the multifaceted roles libraries play, as explored in the students’ articles. The integration of ICT has notably expanded the responsibilities of information professionals, catering not only to the needs of library professionals but also to the information user’s ability to access information. It is an issue eloquently raised by our writers.
Description: In every 4 months the bulletin is published
ISSN: 2738-957X
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