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Title: CDLIS Bulletin
Authors: Manandhar, Nira
Nyaichyai, Lila
Gautam, Sarita
Singh, Sanjeev
Poudel, Kishor
Karki, Renu
Shakya, Lasta
Poudel, Monika
Adhikari, Nayan
Maharjan, Shrijana
Citation: Central Department of Library and Informatin Science. (2023). CDLIS Bulletin. 2, 32.
Issue Date: 28-Aug-2023
Publisher: Central Department of Library and Information Science, TU
Keywords: Library classification
Central Department of Library and Information Science
Annuals - Days
Dewey Decimal Classification
Personal Library
Microsoft Word (computer software)
Internet -Things
Mahesh Raj Pant
Library- Information Communication Technology
Abstract: July 14, 2023, was the 28th Annual Day of the Central Department of Library and Information Science, TU. CDLIS celebrated that very day with lots of enthusiasm and happiness. It unveiled the progress that the department had made and the gaps that required addressing in the coming days. With this fortunate news, putting the 2nd issue of the 2nd volume of the CDLIS Bulletin before you also gives us enormous pleasure. We are pleased by the responses received on previous issues of the 1st and 2nd volumes. We would like to thank all those who provide us with continuous and valuable feedback and comments, which always help to inspire us. The highlight of this issue is that it includes an annual report of the department, which was presented by the Head of the department at the annual day ceremony Panorama of the annual day celebration, Magic of Zero in DDC, MS Word formatting, interview with a well-known historian of Nepal, Mahesh Raj Pant (re-published) for the physical publication), Use of IoT in libraries, and so many other literary works compiled by faculties and Students are the attraction to this issue. It is hoped that its contents will contribute to library and information science literature. It also intends to provide a platform for the CDLIS audience to share knowledge and information, as well as encourage students to improve their writing abilities by getting them involved in extracurricular writing projects rather than regular classroom projects. It seeks to shape students’ perspectives and ideas on various issues. The CDLIS e-bulletin always welcomes articles from LIS professionals, academics, researchers, alumni students, and officials beyond the students and faculties of CDLIS. We express our cordial gratitude to the authors of the articles and other contributors to this issue from the side of the editorial team. We are thankful to the designers, Mr. Prem Krishna Shrestha and Mr. Kishor Paudel, for their restless efforts to ensure the timely publication of this Bulletin.
Description: This is the bulletin published three times a year.
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: Funded by Central Department of Library and Information Science, TU
ISSN: 2961-1911
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