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Title: Exploring the institutional memory collection of government official libraries in Nepal
Authors: Sharma, Pragati
Nyaichyai, Lila
Citation: Sharma, Pragati (2023).Exploring the institutional memory collection of government official libraries in Nepal [Masters thesis, Tribhuvan University ].TUCDLIS e-library. https://e-library /
Issue Date: Jan-2023
Publisher: Central Department of Library and Information Science
Keywords: Government libraries publications
Abstract: This thesis entitled "Exploring the Institutional Memory Collection of Government Official Libraries in Nepal'' has explored the present status of institutional memories in government offices, and studied the management of those institutional collections. This study focused on the internal information of government office libraries which included records, reports, journals etc. Those institutions have their own memories, preserved their collections as an institutional memory. To provide the knowledge in their related field the three government office libraries National Planning Commission, Civil Aviation Authority Nepal, and Policy Research Institute are collecting three different types of documents as institutional memories in each library. They are manual, reports guidelines, and annual plans, for example, multi dimensional poverty index, National Monitoring and Evaluation Guidelines, Peaceful Just and Inclusive Societies: A SDG 16 plus Report, Aviation safety report, wildlife hazard report, flight operation manual etc. Such memories are collected to enhance the development of the institutions. These government office mostly preserved and organized institutional memory in digital format as well as in physical form. The physical copies were only forms being preserved as institutional memories, now the digital forms has also came into existence. Both forms has assisted librarian organizing institutional memory. It is observed that government offices are goods at the collection and creation of institutional memory but there should be the sufficient funds for allocating the resources for preservation and collection of it. In order to utilize those tools and machines as well as for arrangement of the institutional knowledge at least two number of library staff should be hired in library. All three libraries have only one library staff was available, so, those libraries are facing difficulties for managing institutional memories.The role of institutional memory in strengthening the government institution can never be underestimated. If such memory is managed in an efficient manner, it could fulfill official information needs and it would also connect to their predecessors that would assist to have better understanding about the background of their jobs. However, such vital resources have not been emphasized in practice.
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