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Title: Importance of Library Legislation in the Context of Nepal
Authors: Shrestha, Anju
Advisor(s): Gautam, Sarita
Citation: Shrestha, Anju(2022).Importance of Library Legislation in the Context of Nepal.[Master's thesis, Tribhuvan University].TUCDLIS elibrary.
Issue Date: 11-Oct-2022
Publisher: Central Department of Library and Information Science
Keywords: 1. Libraries – Law and legislation.
Abstract: This thesis entitled ―Importance of Library Legislation in the Context of Nepal‖ has been chosen for the study as there are numerous challenges in this arena due to absence of proper library act. The objectives of this research study were to analyze the need for a provision of library legislation, explore the present status of library law, analyze the consequences of lack of library law and explain the importance of the library legislation in the development of libraries and library professionals in Nepal. Different documents such as constitution, LIS policy, directives, literatures and journal and news articles relating to library legislation have been reviewed. This study adopted a qualitative strategy and narrative research was conducted with an interview schedule as the tool. The face-to-face interviewing method was used for data collection and content analysis was done of the literature available as a government document, journal and opinion articles of Nepali librarians and authorities. Neither the library professionals nor the government has made efforts for the enactment of the library legislation at present. The Library Coordination and Documentation Section was found working for the finalization and formulation of National Book Policy and Education act. The Section suffered the lack of support and coordination from the government and its representatives and the library professionals and institutions were entangled in their own issues (regarding establishment, development, management, sustainability and resources) due to lack of library legislation. The legal framework provides guidelines and defines responsibilities, a structure of authority and means for stable financing for the proper functioning of the libraries and helps in setting up a library system with an integrated network of libraries at all levels of government. Thus, the representatives of the political parties, governmental authorities, and library professionals should coordinate with the coordination section to enact the pending acts as it is the sole responsibility of the government. The vii endorsement of national umbrella act that brings all the libraries into a system and means to implement the policy, directives and programs defined is must. Some recommendations of the study are: the library legislation at the national level should be endorsed, the formation of Library Council is must, NNL and NLA should exercise the authority and responsibility to enact laws and by-laws, the Coordination Section should be supported by all stakeholders, libraries to be supported with grant in-aids and make them independent and free from political influence and so on. Anju Shrestha Exam Roll No.: 281616 Central Department of Library and Information Science, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur
metadata.dc.description.sponsorship: Scholarship by UGC
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