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Title: Factors influencing student user success in an academic digital library environment
Authors: Karki, Kabita
Citation: Karki, Kabita(2016) .actors influencing student user success in an academic digital library environment[Master's thesis,Tribhuvan University].TUCDLIS elibrary .
Issue Date: 14-Aug-2016
Publisher: Central Department of Library and Information Science
Keywords: 1 Digital libraries 2 Academic libraries. 3 TUCL
Abstract: The thesis entitled “Factors influencing student user success in an academic digital library environment”. The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has brought dramatic changes in efficient control for information storage, processing and dissemination in library system environment. The purpose of this study is to find out student user uses of digital library services offered by TUCL and also to know are they familiar with searching of new technology. Survey method was used for the study. A purposive sampling technique was applied for the study. Only those users were selected to fill-up the questionnaire who were the members of digital library. A close ended questionnaire were distributed to them. A thirty six sets of questionnaire were distributed to users out of which nineteen is completely responded by respondents. The findings of this study indicate that most of the users view their library as an electronic resourceful library. The most of the student users are in favour of digital library environment (94.74%), and agrees that digital library environment helps them to get academic success. The most used search engine by users are google (68.42%) and Mozilla Firefox (31.58%). Although users have positive attitude towards digital library services but the users are unaware of all the services offered by digital library to them. So, they need proper guidance on how to access available resources and they also need more collection of national and international e-resources. Majority of the users visit digital library for research purpose and want to access thesis, journals, articles and reports. So, the digital library should collect research report, scholarly journal and related materials of the latest date to satisfy the information needs of the users. Kabita Karki M. Lib. Inf. Sc
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