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Title: Knowledge management in the context of Nepalese library.
Authors: Dangol, Reshma
Citation: Dangol,Reshma(2017).Knowledge management in the context of Nepalese library[Master's thesis,Tribhuvan University].TUCDLIS elibrary.
Issue Date: Feb-2017
Publisher: Central Department of library and information science
Keywords: Knowledge Management
Abstract: The thesis entitled “Knowledge Management in the Context of Nepalese Libraries” has been carried out as one of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in Library and Information Science, Tribhuvan University. The objectives of this study are; to find out the practice of KM by the Nepalese Knowledge and information workers; to compare knowledge management of the different knowledge and information workers; to identify the importance of knowledge management today for individual’s communities and organization. There are many barriers and problems in using online resources such as financial, technological, infrastructural and also human resource. Different types of libraries inside the Kathmandu valley were taken as the population of the study. The major libraries of Nepal i.e. TUCL, NNL, ICIMOD, UNIC, WWF, and Kaiser Library are included in it. Similarly, nature of data and data collection were quantitative and qualitative. Further, two methodologies are used i.e. Web-based survey and interviews. Various literature from the Academic, special library, reference library, journals and thesis in Knowledge Management have been reviewed for this study. Primary data has been gathered by questionnaires of a total 103 professionals. Data analysis then was conducted with the SPSS 13 program. Participants were provided with the opportunity to review a draft of summary of findings. Regarding the finding of the study, half of respondents were agreed with the statement of KM, Almost all respondents were aware of the successful implementation of KM in library, three-fourth of respondents agreed with the curriculum largely based on the information systems domains and approaches to KM curriculum to meet the needs of library professionals. It is recommended that KM could be future of present day in Library and Information Science. Institutions, organizations can be renamed as Knowledge management department, resource centers, information centers etc for Library. The further study is recommended on knowledge Management relating to field of Library Science in the field of teaching, learning and practicing as discipline
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