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Title: Users' Perception towards Reference Materials Available in E-resources in TUCL
Authors: Gupta, Kumar Shailendra
Advisor(s): Mr.Bhim Dhoj Shrestha
Issue Date: 2019
Keywords: Electronic Resources
Reference Services
Pages: 78
Abstract: The research entitled '' Users' Perception towards Reference Materials Available in E-resources in TUCL'' has been carried out the main objectives are to find out the information on user's participation of the library, to explore the obstacles to use available E-resources by the TUCL users, to examine the users' satisfaction in using electronic library materials than manual form, to identify the impact of the conversion of manual library materials into E-resources from the users' point of view, to evaluate the usefulness and benefits of electronic library materials in the comparison to manual library materials, to know whether those other library materials are used as reference materials or not. Users are being very passive to search the manual form of library materials and there are being difficulties of getting deep information through keywords, demands of only softcopies of library documents rather than manual, no avaibility of all the library materials as in e-resources are the major problems of TUCL. The related literature is reviewed from books, journals, thesis and internet. The descriptive research design has been followed to reach at the stage of result using structured questionnaire, semi opened and in which 30 questionnaires were distributed and all of them were returned in time. For the questionnaire distribution, purposive sampling method of the whole population in IT section of TUCL had been followed. The data collected from the library users in IT section has been analyzed and presented in tables and in different figures. The major findings of this research are: Most of the users are interested to access those library materials in electronic format as well as in both formats of library materials, there is also very effective role of electronic reference materials in which other library materials such as journal articles, thesis reports etc. are being used by the users as reference materials means they search or locate library materials from those specific materials too except common reference materials, and many of them are interested to access online reference materials etc. Various recommendations were made for the better results and performance such as trainings and awareness programs on library, e-resources update as well as conversion, Inter library relation, friendly environment or infrastructure management, budget maximization, database management and so on.
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