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Authors: Chaudhary, Vijay Prakash
Advisor(s): Parbati Pandey
Issue Date: 2019
Keywords: Special Libraries-Research
Dissertation Academic
Pages: 79
Abstract: This thesis entitled "A Study on E-library of Curriculum Development Centre" has been carried out as one of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in Library and Information Science, Tribhuvan University. No study has been found on e-library in Curriculum Development Center. So this study has been conducted. The main objectives of the study are to explore the present status and problems of the e-library of Curriculum Development Centre, Bhaktapur. More than fifteen related literatures are reviewed from books, journals, thesis, website etc. This study has been limited to focus only on the e-library development by CDC. This is a descriptive study and purposive sampling technique has been used and questionnaire and interview instrument has been used for data collection. The study focused on the opinion of respondent’s library users (15 library user and 10 staff members of CDC). The study shows that e-library of CDC is very much useful and important for accessing the right information at right time on the right way. Sixty percent respondent stated the searching techniques are not easy. E-library users and e-resources downloaded also increased exponentially. The e-library should be updated on time; all CDC's publications should be uploaded and upgrade on the e-library of CDC and the management of CDC has manage high storage server for the e-library of CDC. Thus this research study recommends that the e-library of CDC should be publicized through different types of media such as TV, Radio, Facebook and Twitter etc. so that number of users of elibrary would increase in coming days. CDC should give priority for the sustainability of e-library. Keywords: E-library, Resources Space, CDC
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