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Authors: Sharma, Rita
Advisor(s): Mr.Bhim Dhoj Shrestha
Issue Date: 2019
Keywords: Social Media
Cyber Law
Pages: 75
Abstract: This study entitled “KNOWLEDGE OF SOCIAL MEDIA TOWARDS IMPORTANCE OF CYBER LAW IN UNIVERSITY CAMPUS STUDENTS”. Cyber law knowledge is more necessary for social media criminal cases reducing and it also can play the integrative role for good communication channel developing by using social media but we do not have any rules and regulation for social media users. Based upon the research problem this study answers the following research questionsWhat are the knowledge of social Media towards importance of cyber law, What are the relations between social media and cyber law, Why the cyber law is necessary for social media user, How does the use of social media affect university students' learning. The main objective of this study is to find out the attitude of social media user towards the importance of cyber law, to find out the social media using practice or activities of users. It provides information about the role of cyber law to establish the good environment to social media users especially University students. For the fulfillment of the objectives of my dissertation topic I have reviewed some of works to understand and investigate my research problems. I prepared 200 questionnaire for this research, it makes used of quantitative type of data from social media users of university students with using a purposive research methodology. This research cannot represent the whole students of Nation only include university students. It doesn’t include all types of social media and cyber law. The main findings of this research was 44.5% respondents replied there is role of cyber law in social media, 47% are confused about the necessity of cyber law in social media. In which 41.5% students use social media for entertainment as well as 44.5% respondents are aware about illegal activities in social media. Facebook profile hacking, threatening people for financial demand, black mailing others, hacking others profile and using personal information etc. The good knowledge of social media can change dramatically the education system of under developing country like Nepal. The government should make strict rules and regulations regarding cybercrime. The Cyber Cell Unit should be formed in each and every provinces and states. The government should make online system for registering cybercrimes. The college, universities launch new program in this field for further guidelines for good practice of social media use.
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