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Authors: Nepal, Bimla
Advisor(s): Mr.Bhim Dhoj Shrestha
Issue Date: 2017
Keywords: Library
University Library
Pages: 64
Abstract: This thesis entitled “STATUS OF THE LIBRARY OF CENTRAL DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT IN TRIBHUVAN UNIVERSITY” aims to find out the condition of the library of CDM. The study concerns to know whether the management department library accept a wide variety of materials for collection development or not, to determine the users of the library of CDM are being satisfied or not with the resources and Services it provided, to find out the extent of the use of informational Technology (IT). Twenty literatures are reviewed for this thesis. This study has limitations of insufficient citation on department information. Survey method is adopted to collect the user’s responses. 72 questionnaires were provided to the users and the library staffs, only 65 users and 1 library staff responded. Statistical tools like frequency tables, pie chart, bar diagrams, simple proportion are used to organize, summarize and present the data. The survey results show problems on several issues such as methods of document selections, collection development system, document accession method, book issuing facility, use of computer, cataloguing and classification system, library software and use of information technology (IT). Some suggestion offered from the finding of this study are, adequate and proper selection of documents, provide book issuing facility, enhancement of the technical processes and service system, make use of modern facility of information technology through skilled staf
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