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Authors: Kafle, Rejina
Advisor(s): Mr.Bhim Dhoj Shrestha
Issue Date: 2017
Keywords: College Libraries
Pages: 80
Abstract: This thesis entitled RESOURCES AND USERS’ STUDY OF BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCES (CBEAS) LIBRARY has been carried out. The statement of the problem is to find out user’s satisfaction with the library collection resource and services. The objectives of the study examine the users’ needs about library services, explore the users’ satisfaction on collection resources , library services and evaluate the ICT (Information Communication Technology) facilities. In this study 40 questionnaires were distributed biomedical students they returned 34 (85%) questionnaires for data analysis. The collected data were analyzed and presented in tables and charts such as pie-charts, clustered bar for using Microsoft office word and excel. More than 50 literatures have been reviewed previous thesis, research paper, online journal, and related websites for completing this research. The main findings of this research 77% respondents said library is very necessary for biomedical students, 56% respondents visit the library as when needed, nearly 30% respondents given first choice on textbook, 59% library users are not satisfied library services, 79% respondents’ said that main reasons of dissatisfaction on availability of books in library, nearly 60% users are not satisfied of opening time, 65% respondents are unsatisfied on loan books, 100% users are unsatisfied about internet services. Respectively 38% book bank, 47% reference book, 29% circulation, 70% e-resources, 82% periodical, 70% reprographic and 29% OPAC/catalogue respondents said that should be improved. This research recommended that Internet services should have high bandwidth, library should have sufficient textbook and reference books with latest edition, circulation service should be automated, library space should be expanded for using more users, professional librarian should be appointed for improve the library services and library should be e-library services as soon as possible.
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