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Authors: Khadka, Ganga
Advisor(s): Mr.Bhim Dhoj Shrestha
Issue Date: 2017
Keywords: Electronics Information Resources
Medical Libraries
Pages: 81
Abstract: Social Media has become a popular method for students to share information and knowledge and to express emotions. It enables students to exchange videos files, text messages, pictures and knowledge sharing however different academic institution, educational stakeholder, faculties and parents of the student the above facts disclosed the negative impact of the social media uses on the academic performance of students. In developed countries this area grasps researchers’ attention but in developing countries like Nepal it is unexplored area. Therefore this study helps to identify whether the use of social media by central Department of Library and Information science students’ of T.U helpful their academic performance or not. Seventy literature have been reviewed online and others related study. The objectives of the study find out how MLISc students’ use social media, how social media can be used as a tool for learning, classify the purpose of social media and student perception on the effect of social media. In this research 27 questionnaires in a set were distributed for the MLISc students. Questionnaires were distributed via e-mail, viber, messenger and cell phone. 84.62% questionnaires have been returned. The collected data were analyzed and presented on table and charts. This research has not represented the whole students of country. It only takes library and information science students of (T.U) because of lack of time and financial resources. The key finding of the study shows that every respondent have been using social media 73% respondents used devices of smartphone. 54% respondents were preferred to communicate in English. 73% respondents were using Facebook and 36% respondents used academic purpose in daily. 82% respondents used social m
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