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Title: “Impact of Information Communication Technology (ICT) on Professional Development of Library Professional in the Universities of Nepal”
Authors: Poudel, Sandhaya
Advisor(s): Pro.Dr.Mohan Raj Pradhan
Issue Date: 2016
Keywords: Libraries Information Technology
Communication Technology
Pages: 71
Abstract: The thesis entitled "Impact of Information communication Technology in the libraries of three universities of Nepal"; Tribhuwan University (TU), Kathmandu University (KU) and Pokhara University (PU). As we know that there are not much study conducted to measure the effect of information communication technologies (ICT) on the professional activities of library professionals in the universities. Hence this study was assigned majorly for; i) depth assessments of universities by examining capacity of university Libraries and ii) to examine the professionals growth of librarian and library professional. During this study primary data was collected, studied, analyzed to draw the findings. Primary data were collected by questionnaires which was processed using Microsoft Excel. The results from analysis show that TU has sufficient professional staffs as compared to KU and PU. The library members in TU were 10000, 2800 in KU and 3195 in PU. Different variety of books were found in library of TU including international journals (15000) meanwhile variety of books and journals are less in KU and PU. KOHA, D SPACE software are used in TU. Soul has been used by KU and Libra has been practiced at PU. Regarding ICT based service electronic and database have been used by all university libraries. Regarding the skill of professionals, most of professionals were aware with all new technologies such as internet, bar code scanner, and multimedia, however few of them found poor in web. Though the curriculum of library science seems satisfactory to most of the professionals, few of them recommend revising the curriculum by adding new software and data base for efficient service. Finally, it is recommended that new applications and findings of research based on ICT should be disseminated by TU conducting workshop and seminars so that all library professionals and students would have opportunity to learn new findings and to continue research.
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