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Title: Rural Public Library as Place in Far-Western Region
Authors: Bist, Kumari Gita
Advisor(s): Pro.Dr.Mohan Raj Pradhan
Issue Date: 2016
Keywords: Public Libraries
Pages: 75
Abstract: The thesis entitled case study on “Rural Public Library as Place in FarWestern Region” of Nepal is focuses on the public libraries and its services in general. The thesis discusses on the study of two public libraries with five main objectives. One was to investigate types of users of public library. The second was to find out the perceptions of the users, regarding library services and amenities. Third was to identify the library layout and furnishing. The fourth objectives was to identify the role of public libraries in their communities. The last objective was to identify the building structure. The study relies on quantitative and qualitative data collected via surveys and interviews of library users, interviews of library public service staff members, structured observations of the people using the libraries, and analysis of selected documents. The two sets of questioners are distributed to library users and staffs in the research. The study finds that the libraries serve their communities as informational places and as familiarized localities, and that the libraries support the generation of social capital for their users. Data were collected from two populations: public library users and staffs of two public library in Far-western Region through questionnaire and face to face interview. The period of data collection was February 1 to April 30, 2016. 19 questionnaires were distributed to the population (14 were users and 5 were staffs). The PSPP (free version of the SPSS) program was used to analyze the data for the research questions collected through questionnaire. The research showed the public library concepts, services, impacts and its influence on the society of the far-western region. It was also studied the perceptions and thoughts of public library users and staffs to investigated their familiarity with library uses. The library users were of different age groups having different academic qualification. Most of the library users have done Intermediate levels (57.14%) and bachelor’s degree (14.29%) in SMPL and 100% users were bachelors in KJ. Only 28.57% users were Masters in SMPL. Regarding the language of the library users, most of the adult library users (85.71%) speak Nepali and the rest of them (14.29%) speak their own mother tongues.
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