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Authors: Dhakal, Kumar Dhambar
Advisor(s): Mr.Bhim Dhoj Shrestha
Issue Date: 2016
Keywords: Academic Libraries
Pages: 88
Abstract: The study entitled “Users’ Satisfaction of Surkhet Campus (Education) Library, Surkhet”. Surkhet Campus (Education) Library, Surkhet has been selected for this study. The main objective of this study was to find out the users’ satisfaction level of library services in Surkhet Campus (Education) Library, Surkhet. Related literature including the Academic library and thesis on Campus library are reviewed.The data has been collected through questionnaire, check list and structural interview. Questionnaire was used for students and teacher to find out level of satisfaction of services provided in the library, check list was used for finding the status of the library and structural interview was used for library staff to find out other information of campus library related to the topic in question. For collecting the required data for the study, 220 questionnaires were distributed to the respondents and only 164 of them were returned by the users. The findings show that 72.45% users were found to be using the library. The library is opened Sunday to Friday and closed on Saturday and public holidays. The majority of the users 48.17% have visited library weekly. Different users visited library for different purpose but most of the users visit library for borrowing textbooks and for reference service. Users were satisfied with the help offered by the library staffs to search documents from the library. Most of users were not satisfied from the library rules and regulations. The use of computer (ICT) services for searching materials was not found satisfactory in the library but users were satisfied with free web/Internet service available there. Cataloguing and classification scheme system have not been used in library but documents have been classified subject-wise and level-wise in the library. The major problem of the library is that trained menpower and few semi/non-professional staffs are working in library and also no new (ICT) computer technology has been utilized for the library management. Library provided only user education about; rules and regulation of library and provided how to search document in the library. The library should add sufficient documents, need to upgrade facilities such as drinking water, photocopy service, catalogue service, comfortable furniture, computerized library system, improve the duration of staying time of users and employ trained/ professional manpower for effective library services.
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