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Authors: Manandhar, Prabin
Advisor(s): Mr.Bhim Dhoj Shrestha
Issue Date: 2016
Keywords: Library Science
College Libraries
Pages: 66
Abstract: The dissertation entitled “STATUS AND SERVICES OF GEMS COLLEGE LIBRARY”. GEMS College Library has a vital role in the education. In the ICT era, the role of library and Librarian are increasing. Both in online and offline has made both Library professionals and user confused to locate appropriate information as and when required. The main objectives of the study are to find the present status of the library, how the library attracts the users towards the GEMS College library. The scope of the study is to define the current library system of the GEMS College. This study is limited within the graduate level students of the three respective faculty taken under study i.e., Science, Management and A level within the GEMS College library which is situated in Dhapakhel- Lalitpur. The study has been carried out among the students belonging to the academic year 2015/ 2016. Different national and international literatures have been reviewed during the study. There is not enough literature regarding the College library. The focus of the study is on GEMS College library. This is a descriptive type of research. This study is both primary and secondary data have been collected, interpreted, analyzed and some logical conclusion have also have been made. The students and teachers are the main users of the GEMS College library From this study I can recommend that, Promoting of users for use of internet in Libraries, more numbers of terminals of computer systems to be provided. GEMS colleges should establish their database and content them online to access their resources. From the study there is not enough collection of literature document. The number of users are increasing so library place should be expand. Photocopy is done inside the library therefore it create some noises so it should be shift from there. In this context, the objective of the study is to find out, compare and analyze the facilities and the services provided by the library. The study also aims to work out the practical solutions for their improvement.
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