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Authors: Shrestha, Bishnu Maya
Advisor(s): Yajya Raj Bhatta
Issue Date: 2016
Keywords: Academic Libraries
Reference Services
Pages: 78
Abstract: This thesis entitled "REFERENCE SERVICES: COMPARATIVE STUDY OF TWO ENGINEERING COLLEGE LIBRARIES OF LALITPUR" has been carried out to fulfill the partial requirements for the degree of Master in Library and Information science. The main objective of this study is to examine and analyze the present existing situation, condition of the two academic libraries reference services and their management for effective organization. The studies mainly focus on reference services only. Altogether 20 literatures reviewed for making conceptual framework for thesis, this literature has limitation of sufficient citation of the literature on related topic. A simple random sampling method has been employed for sampling purpose. Two set of structured questionnaire, for the students and the library staff have been used for the collection of data. A total of 120 questionnaires have been distributed among the users of the two campuses, 96 questions have been returned by 90 students and 6 staff. According to the findings of the research, most of the respondents view that the collections of the documents in the library are inadequate. Most of the users are not satisfied with less number of copies of documents and new editions. 32% of HCE library users and 17.5% NCE library users visited library for studying reference books. Most of the users visit library to borrow the textbooks. 11.11% users visit library for study journal and newspapers. Most of the HCE and NCE library users visit library once in three month. More than 70% users use reference textbooks in library. Almost users response that reference materials available in the library are previous edition. More than 70% students are unknown about cataloguing and classification system. Modern computerization and online services are the main problem for the users without which the users cannot get effective information. The library should provide efficient library services up to user's satisfaction. These libraries should recruit professional librarians, have sufficient budget and sufficient furniture. These libraries should improve their conditions regarding internet facilities, acquiring new documents and need to be carried out positive attitude of the library users in the existing campus library. It is recommended to provide library orientation to the new users for searching the library materials. Bishnumaya Shrestha
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