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Title: “Status of Circulation Section in Kathmandu University Central Library’’
Authors: Chhetri, Uma Kumari Poudel
Advisor(s): Yajya Raj Bhatta
Issue Date: 2016
Keywords: Academic Libraries
University Library
Library Circulation and Loan
Pages: 86
Abstract: The thesis entitled “Status of Circulation Section in Kathmandu University Central Library” is to understand about important aspect of the library circulation section. This study, the statement of the problem is opening hour of the library circulation, lack of modern library technology and overdue book charge. The objective of this study is to identify on how Kathmandu University Central Library’s circulation section provides services to its users. The research is focused on circulation section of Kathmandu University Central Library only, not overall aspect of library. The scope of this study is PG students from academic departments (SOS & SOE) of the University. The study has great signification to know the present status of circulation system of KUCL and to find out the problem faced by PG students, the Central Campus (KU) of Dhulikhel. Review of 12 different national and international literature related to this topic has been done. The study was done in 46 respondents. The questionnaire was used for the data collection. In this study simple mathematical interpretation (quantitative) was adopted. The primary data have been tabulated and presented in pie-chart for understanding the result and to arrive at conclusion. The study indicates that the majority of students (users) like to use computer database searching method in central library in Kathmandu University. Amount of information received from available sources and users view towards increasing overdue charge. However the majority of students believe that KUCL does not have sufficient collection that meets their needs and facing problems in KUCL while searching for different library materials. Each and every student was aware with the circulation rules and regulation of the library. More computers with good condition should be added for e-mail and internet. Library should provide effective orientation to the new users. Library should provide adequate and latest materials of user’s subject field in circulation section. Library opening time should be increased. Library should make available of the on line free reading materials for the users. All the students should be made familiar with the due clearance certificate. Uma Kumari Paudel Chhetr
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