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Authors: Thapa, Arjun
Advisor(s): Dr. Madhusudan Karki
Issue Date: 2016
Keywords: Special Libraries-Research
Medical libraries-Research
Pages: 104
Abstract: This thesis entitled “USERS STUDY OF KATHAMANDU MEDICAL COLLEGE (KMC) LIBRARY’’ has been carried out to fulfill the partial requirements for the degree of MLISc (T.U). The statement of the problem is that whether the Users’ are satisfied or not with the library resources and services. The objective of this study to find out frequency of library use, propose of library visit, evaluate of ICT facility, determine the level of satisfaction on library resource/services, including users’ needs, priorities of library materials, and suggestion to improve library services. In this research 26 questionnaires in a set were distributed on the basis of classification of four users group: PG, MBBS, BDS and BSc Nursing students selected randomly of KMC library users. Total 224 questionnaires were distributed equally in basic and clinical library on 15-30th April 2016. Only 183 (81.70%) questionnaires have been returned. The collected data were analyzed and presented in tables and charts such as histograms, pie-charts, clustered bars using IBM SPSS statistics version 20, Microsoft office word and excel. More than fifty literatures have been reviewed (research paper, online journals, related websites and books) for completing this study. The major finding of this study shows that 98% users said library is necessary for medical users. 45.4% users visit the library for borrowing books. 54.64% respondents gave first priority on textbook. 74% users are familiar with classification & shelving system. 70% users have not attended library orientation class. 73% users were dissatisfied with no. of loan books. 59.6% users prefer to read third world authors books. 73.77% users get help from library staffs. 56.8% users agree with fulfilling their needs. 77.6% users use the ICT for the purpose of research; they were given first choice to UpToDate database. 20.2% users were found to be highly satisfied with newspaper/magazine resources’. 5.5% users said references services are excellent It is highest responses among book bank, circulation, periodical, reprographic and OPAC/catalogue services. 90% users use the library less than 3 hour while they visited library. This study recommended that adding more book bank facilities, high bandwidth internet, improved reprography & physical facility. Library should be automated, number of book borrowing should be provided according to the needs of users.
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