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dc.contributor.advisorMr.Bhim Dhoj Shrestha
dc.contributor.authorRai, Prezina
dc.description.abstractABSTRACTS This study entitled “Study of Libraries of Engineering Colleges of Kathmandu Valley” carried out for the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in Library and Information Science, Tribhuvan University. The overall objective is to examine the present situation and services of Engineering campus/college chosen from the Kathmandu valley. Related literature including the Academic, Special library and thesis on Campus library are reviewed. There are Engineering campus/college chosen from the Kathmandu valley, they are: Pulchowk Campus, Thapathali Campus, Kathmandu Engineering College and National College of Engineering . Data are based mainly on questionnaire and observation, the population were categorized from the students of Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Architecture Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Engineering. All together 60 questionnaire were distributed to the students and all the questionnaire were returned, source of data and tools for the data collection, data presentation and analysis are dealt with accordingly. Tables and figures were generated from the data and analysis was done and presented. Accordingly to the findings of research, most of students think that the library is useful to optimum degree for the Campus library. Comparing with Kathmandu Engineering College, Thapathali Campus has less furniture equipment for the library. about 40% of the users visit the librarsy daily, for the purpose of reading and borrowing the textbooks. The students were more concern about their textbooks available in the library, then in the professional journal, magazines and newspapers. The automated Library system and facility of audiovisual and other mechanical aids to supplement teaching program are the major activities need to be carried out in the existing Campus Library. It is found that the Thapathali Campus should be added space and furniture in the library. Every Campus Library should get the efficient Library service, sufficient budget, security systems, barcode reading system should be implemented. Library should be equipped with the latest technology and library service should be computerized or automated to optimize use of Campus Library.
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