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Authors: Banjade, Goma
Advisor(s): Pro.Dr. Mohan Raj Pradhan
Issue Date: 2015
Keywords: Catalouers-Training
Libraries Collection
Libraries Personal Management
Pages: 102
Abstract: This research work entitled, “Training and Education of Cataloguers in the University Libraries of Nepal” has been carried out to find out the real situation of cataloging practices, the status of the cataloguers, their attitude towards cataloguing and their training needs. It has also attempted to find out the gap between the knowledge received through the academic and training programme and its application or implementation in the practical field of cataloguing. For this, the researcher collected data from three different university libraries, TUCL, KUCL and PUCL. The sample population comprised 28 library staff from three different university libraries: 17 library staff from TUCL, 7 from KUCL and its branches: KUSOM and KUSOE, and 4 from Pokhara University. Descriptive research design was followed using non-probability purposive sampling method. Both primary and secondary data were collected- primary data using the questionnaire and secondary data –record of the concerned libraries and worldwide literature. The study concludes that both the academic and training programmes are not sufficient to address the current needs and challenges of the cataloguers in the environment of library automation in spite of their positive attitudes to their job. It is recommended that there should be good provision for providing adequate education and training programmes to the library staff including the cataloguers to avoid the gap between their knowledge and its application in the practical field.
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