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Authors: Neupane, Chiranjibi
Advisor(s): Dr.Madhusudan Karki
Issue Date: 2014
Keywords: Library Networking
Pages: 102
Abstract: The thesis entitled "CURRENT STATUS OF LIBRARY NETWORKING AND RESOURCE SHARING WITHIN T. U. LIBRARY SYSTEMS OF KATHMANDU VALLEY" in general based upon the current situation of networking and resource sharing among the libraries of Kathmandu Valley. Today, it is virtually not possible for any library, however big and rich to acquire all the information or publications. As well as libraries are collecting, processing and organizing the same documents making huge investment of money, manpower, materials and time. Networking and resource sharing is the best and effective measure to solve many of these problems and which allows effective use of the available information and knowledge sources between and among the entire libraries' network for the users community. It is not known that how many libraries are participating in resource sharing activities in Kathmandu Valley by using computer networks. CDS/ISIS library software is used by most of the libraries in Nepal. However these libraries have not maintained Common Communication Format (CCF). The objectives of this study are (1) To study the existing coordination activities of T. U. library resources, facilities and services, (2) To find out the status and availability of professional manpower, work procedures, and resources, (3) To suggest a plan and policy for resource sharing and networking among these campus libraries. The studies are limited to seven libraries of Kathmandu Valley. In the context of Nepal, there have been a few studies on the topic resource sharing and networking through computer networks. So, some of the related international literature have studied.
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