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Authors: Acharya, Sulochana
Advisor(s): Ramesh Prajuli
Issue Date: 2010
Keywords: Medical Libraries
NAMs Library
Pages: 89
Abstract: The thesis entitled “THE ROLE OF MEDICAL LIBRARIES ON MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS” is carried out to address the problem that there is not any special record about library services, role of libraries on medical professionals. The objectives of this study are to find out the role of library, to analyze the present situation of the library, to find out users need and demand regarding service rendered by the library and to recommend for the improvement of library service based on user's suggestion. The study is limited in the NAMS users. This study is significant to all the organizations, which are related to library and information field as well as to users of information and policy makers. The terms which are related to the library and information science are explained to make easy to understand. The entire study is divided in to six chapters namely: Introduction, review of literature, focus of study research methodology, Analysis and presentation and Summary, conclusion and recommendation. The related literatures are reviewed. 14 literatures are consulted which are taken from books, journals, library thesis etc. NAMS library and its service, collections, views of medical professional are focused. Descriptive research design has been used for the study. The total numbers of users that is habitual or potential, are the population of this study. Structure Random sampling method was followed. In the premises of NAMS library 50 questionnaires were distributed and all of them where returned. So the sample taken for the study is 50.The data were collected through the structured questionnaire (semi-opened) and the data in the form of questionnaire has been collected, edited, coded, tabulated and classified for data analysis and presented by frequency distribution tables, bar diagrams and pie charts. Necessary to use library by medical professionals, purpose of using library, frequency of visiting library, condition of library collection, type of information needed by users, level of satisfaction, reasons of dissatisfaction, type of documents used frequently, preferred method of searching, effect of latest journal in work are analyzed and presented. The findings of research and recommendations are prescribed which are as follows: Out of the total users included 50(100%) of users agree that the role of library is vital. 32(64%), 17(2%) of users visit library for updating knowledge ,research in medical field and continuing education respectively. 21(42%) of users feel that there is adequate collections in is library where as 29(58%) of users feel the collections in library inadequate.47 users want current developments in medical field from library.39(88%) of users are satisfied and 11(29%) of users are not satisfied from the library. The main reason of dissatisfaction is unsuitable reading environment in the library. The library is facing main problem for updating latest information relevant to their subject of interest or topic. Very useful and relevant medical document can be downloaded from the internet which is the great opportunity for Nepalese medico personals. It recommends warm welcome, library users’ friendly behavior, responsibility of providing library service to its users .The library should focus on electronic document because all users are interested in electronic document. The library should create reading environment. Feedback of users and constant evaluation of user profiles is essential to improve satisfaction level of users. Sulochana Acharya Central Department of Library and Information Scienc
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