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Authors: Gurung, Kumari
Advisor(s): Dr.Madhusudan Karki
Issue Date: 2009
Keywords: Library Services
Pages: 72
Abstract: ABSTRACTS This study entitled “User’s Needs and Library Services of TUCL Among MA 1st Year Students (B.S. 2063-64 Batch) of Sociology/Anthropology”, carried out by Kumari Gurung is for the partial fulfilment of the requirement s for the degree of Master of Arts in Library and Information Science, Tribhuvan University. The overall objective is to examine TU Central Library services and needs of user students and to recommend scientific library services in future. This study is based mainly on structured interview followed by group discussion, key informant interview and observation. Structured questionnaire was used and administered to 65 students. The researcher observed library situation, staffs behaviours and daily using activities of students in central library. Discussion was carried out with students by sharing ideas and experiences about of library. Key informant interview was conducted with knowledgeable persons in the TU regarding the users' needs and central library services. Of the total 65 respondents, 55.4 percent were males and 44.6 percent were females. Both male and female students share equal level of knowledge regarding library. Majority of them considered library as a source of information, stock of knowledge and reading place. About 80 percent obtained library membership card and the remaining applied for the card. About 30.8 percent visit library two or more days in a week. Majority of the respondents borrowed text books and mail/internet services at first time in library. In addition, magazine, newspapers and journals were also their priority. However, about 24.6 percent were not satisfied with library as the library lacks choice of suitable text books. Most of the users were not capable to find library services to concern the relevant searching text books, references, cataloguing and bibliography. About 35.4 percent have ever used electronic database. Male respondents were much higher than females in this regard. In addition to TUCL, they also use other libraries such as American library (25.0%), British council library (33.3%) and Social Science Baha (12.5%). v The most common resource the respondents used are text books (81.5%), which followed by newspaper (76.9%), other documents (50.8%), maps (40.0%), press cutting (15.4%), and periodicals (13.8%). Of the total, 61.5 percent expressed that library services are sufficient for user’s needs. Lack of efficient staff, carelessness, irritation, self busy and lack of time tables were the main problems why the students are not satisfied with library services. The respondents were of opinion that TUCL service and facilities should be improved. In some cases they received library services from unskilled staff and feel uneasy. Therefore, an increase material, staff behaviours, expands email and internet is also essential to improve for development of university campus library in future.
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