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Authors: Bhattarai, Saraswatti
Advisor(s): Dr.Madhusudan Karki
Issue Date: 2008
Keywords: Special Libraries
Pages: 120
Abstract: This thesis topic "Utility and Services of three Special Libraries in Kathmandu Valley" has been written for the purpose of fulfilling the partial requirement s of the Master's degree in Library and Information Science. The scope of this study has been limited to three special libraries related with Human rights Organizations such as AIN, INSEC and NHRC, which has tried to find out the existing conditions of their collection and services provided by library to their user. Twenty four related literatures are reviewed about the special libraries in chapter two. It has also tried to focus on the users need and the problems faced by these libraries for the solution and improvement. For this study users are studied. Personal interview have been made to the librarians and other staffs. Questionnaire method has obtained to take the primary data. The results of twenty questions are the primary data. There are altogether 225 users in the study group, among them only 68 in numbers or 30% had been taken among the population of this study. From the distributed questionnaires 63 were returned which are analyzed, organized, tabulated, calculated and has been converted into the percentage. According to the findings of the research, large numbers of user (68.2%) are seemed to be familiar with the library collection and 55.5% are satisfied with the library collection. Most of the users are found using reports of conference, project, seminar, workshop then newsletters and other reading materials. The users are seemed to be satisfied with the provision of computer facility in their library. All these libraries, computer is used to search information and create database. Most of the users (57.2) have indicated that reference materials are insufficient. About 51% of user are found using library daily, weekly, monthly and sometimes respectively. Most of the users visit library for current and updating approach. Most of the users are satisfied with the opening hour of the library. They are depended upon the staffs for searching the information. Large numbers of users are vii found familiar with modern information technology. Modern computerizing and online services are provided in each library. Physical facilities are satisfactory in all libraries. Large numbers of users (58.7%) are seemed to be satisfied with the services provided by library. Budget has not been allocated in appropriate rate in all libraries. Circulation service, reference service, display of new books, subject bibliographies, CAS, SDI service etc are most useful for users. So, there should be free membership system and book issue facility in the libraries. Budget should be appropriate to improve the collections and services of libraries. Inter library loan service should be provided for effective information supply to user.
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